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A shared learning experience

We established Fifth Institute to work with people who have had 10 – 15 years of work experience and are now looking at their options.

We found that a lot of the companies helping early stage businesses were based around young tech startups and didn’t cater for other people who don’t fall into that category. We are creating a learning environment full of opportunity.

In our experience, success is achieved through collaboration and almost never done on your own. Our goal is to provide business information, connect individuals and businesses to help them learn from each other and not go through the journey alone.

In addition to our network we will provide education tools to make sure you are in control of your business from start to finish.

The Fifth Institute is here to help start-ups and growing businesses of any sort.

Meet the Team

Michelle Homa
Michelle HomaCo Founder
Michelle is an MBA graduate and strategic advisor to large organisations across varied industry sectors. Michelle is a certified and credentialed Executive and Business coach to both individuals and high performing teams. She started Coach & Co with zero capital in 2007 and grew it into a national business and executive coaching consultancy that is preferred supplier to 13 Government departments and agencies and supplies a diverse range of leading and emerging organisations.
Michelle is an Associate at Melbourne Business School and Mt Eliza Executive Education where she works on the Centre for Creative Leadership Programs out of California as Feedback Specialist to Executives and Founders on their personal performance and ventures.
Through Fifth Institute Michelle is keen to support entrepreneurs to maximise their capability and their venture’s potential, takes their ideas and businesses from good to great, aligning business models, commercialisation, lifestyles and personal values in a collaborative environment.